We Carry More Than 100 Different Products

Tinctures, Isolates, Water Solubles and Capsules in many flavors and strengths ranging from 250 mg up to 3000 mg

Gummies and Dry fruits in varities of flavors with strength starting from 100 mg up to 1000 mg

Pain Cream, Serum, Sprays, Roll-On in various sizes and strengths

Beauty and Skin Care products like Replenishing Face Cream, Under Eye Serum, Bath Bombs

Vape juice and cartridges in up to 1000 mg and in many flavors

Pet Tinctures, Sprays and Treats in many varities

Other Products like Popcorn, Honey, Breath Spray

We have SUGARFREE products also.

For Further Details on products, choose links below.






Pet Products

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Vape Oils

(We do not carry Nicotine Products or Vape Mods)

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