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Tinctures are made by steeping a CBD-rich material, such as hemp oil, hemp flower, or CBD isolate, in alcohol. Tinctures are taken orally, either by spraying it in your mouth or putting a few drops under your tongue. They are easy to use and ideal for people new to CBD. Some people who have used CBD for a long time still prefer it to all other forms.

Tinctures are also one of the more powerful forms of CBD. Because of this, if you are new to CBD, it’s best to start with the smallest possible serving size. You can’t get high from CBD and there are no known undesirable side effects, but it’s still ideal for your body to adjust slowly to the effects of CBD.

Benefits of Tinctures:

  • Strong
  • Fast-acting
  • No special tools or preparation required
  • Easy to tailor exactly how much you are taking
  • Ideal for travel
  • Comes in fun flavors

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In addition to the classic CBD oil tinctures, we also carry Isolate varieties and the newer, Water Soluble CBD tinctures

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CBD Isolate is a pure, crystalline powder containing 99% Pure CBD. As much of the other material in the Hemp plant is removed as possible. This means that you aren’t getting the trace oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more that are present in Full Spectrum CBD Products.

Water Soluble CBD Tinctures are now being offered from select manufacturers. These tinctures differ from their oil-based cousins in that Sound Wave Nanotechnology is used to break CBD “clumps” into even smaller particles, small enough to be water soluble! CBD American Shaman(tm) describes the effect as follows: 

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 “CBD American Shaman’s nanotechnology is the most advanced means in the world for processing hemp oil concentrate. Their unique water-based process produces a minute particle size, which means that the cannabinoids reach a greater surface area in the body and are absorbed more efficiently than other oil-based CBD products.

Consider how a drop of oil disperses in water versus how a drop of colored water would into the same glass. American Shaman proprietary nanotechnology acts like that drop of colored water, rapidly dispersing throughout the body.

This nanotechnology breaks large lipid balls full of cannabinoids down to the molecular level. And the smaller the particle size, the easier it is for the cells of your body to absorb it. This process not only makes our hemp oil concentrate much more effective, it also efficiently delivers the hemp oil to your cells in a matter of seconds, not hours.”