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CBD topicals (meaning applied directly to a part of the body) contain oil from the hemp plant. These topical products can be used for pain relief if you rub them right over the aching joints and sore muscles that need relief. They relieve skin conditions as well. They also can make your skin look and stay healthy.

Benefits of CBD creams:

Works right away, unlike consumable CBD products that take time to become effective

Natural moisturizers in addition to pain and condition relief

Things to remember while using creams:

 Never eat or drink CBD creams, ointments, or topical products! Only use them on your skin.

Don’t use CBD creams on open, bleeding wounds.

Don’t use them if you are pregnant, lactating, or suffering from a serious illness.

Explore our variety of products and ask for one that fits your needs–whether you are looking for
intense pain relief, soothing cream for a skin condition, joint or muscle support, or a new natural
moisturizing skincare regimen.